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It gives me great pleasure to warmly welcome you to Conifers School. Our School has a unique charm and I am extremely happy to have been Head here since 2013.  Throughout its 86 year history, this elegant late Victorian townhouse has seen many changes, but it remains a reassuring yet ever-evolving presence on the corner of Egmont Road in Easebourne, Midhurst. Conifers is, proudly, a small school. Our class sizes are largely defined by the size of the building’s original rooms and the atmosphere that captures visitors is that of a busy, happy, family home. Staff and pupils share this setting in an environment where trust and understanding form the foundations of a very happy, fulfilling, successful and healthy education. 


At the heart of the Conifers’ ethos is a firm commitment to all pupils, parents and staff that we believe and respect that everyone is different. Children learn in different ways and understanding what makes them tick is key to ensuring they are constantly hungry to learn, and keen to experience new adventures as they grow up and develop their own passions and interests. Our passions are teaching & learning and we take great joy in witnessing the progress pupils make on their journey through the school. Our curriculum is intentionally challenging, but academic achievements alone do not define the extent of a complete Conifers education. Our commitment to educating the whole child ensures that every pupil is afforded an abundance of opportunities to explore an ever expanding roster of activities and experiences both in and out of the classroom. Happy children learn, and it is such a joy for us to see pupils grow in confidence as they discover new passions.


Conifers’ parents also want their children to feel safe and understood, growing up to be confident and successful, understanding that the world has much to offer, but at the same time knowing and understanding what they can offer the world. We promise to help them understand the importance of breaking out of their comfort zones, embracing new adventures, learning from failure, getting back on the horse, sharing in team successes and giving a friend a boost when they need it. By the time they leave us we hope that a typical Conifers pupil will have an understated self-confidence, is polite, caring, enthusiastic, puts their hand up for new adventures, chase a football outside in November, cheer their friends along wholeheartedly in house competitions and enjoy a hot chocolate together afterwards. The world needs young adults who are hardworking, compassionate, high aiming and self aware. We hope to play an important role, alongside parents, in developing these characteristics. My staff and I love working here, alongside our parents we form a great team and we couldn’t be happier to welcome you and your children to Conifers. 


Mrs Emma Smyth, Headmistress

Conifers School
Egmont Road
West Sussex
GU29 9BG
Call the School Office on 01730 813243
For Admissions please contact admissions@conifersschool.com
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Conifers School and QV Education confirm new ownership

We are delighted to announce some exciting news regarding the ownership of Conifers School.

Over the past four months the Governing Board and Mrs Smyth, Headmistress have been in discussions with Quo Vadis (QV) Education, a firm established in 2014 to acquire and run independent schools. Find out more about QV Education here - http://quovadiseducation.com/


It is clear that we share a common desire to provide our children with the highest quality education, offering the best possible opportunities to them as well as support for our families, whilst retaining the ethos of Conifers that is so important to this wonderful community. We are delighted to be in a position to confirm that Conifers is now the second school to be owned by QV Education.