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Welcome to The Conifers Podcast

Throughout each term podcasts will be published to share thoughts, discussions and musings from across the school community. Each episode is varied and includes sessions talking with staff, pupils and parents. Whether you’re listening to us in the car on a drive, or watching us in the comfort of your own home, we hope you enjoy being part of our conversation. Please do share widely as we provide our listeners with an insight into Conifers School. A space for us to chat about all things in and outside of Conifers School.


A brand new podcast series from Conifers School. Every term, we’ll share our latest episodes, featuring our pupils, staff and parents – with a few special guests too! Listen to pupil and staff interviews, topical discussions, and opinions from inside and out of the Conifers community.

The perfect way to relax.


Talking to our Executive Head, James Polansky, Year 8 pupils Sam and Tim find out more about how QV started. They discuss why and how they bought their first school, what makes a good teacher and what inspired James at school.


Why outdoor learning and forest school should be part of every school curriculum. Meet our Forest School leader Hannah Corps along with Joshua and Scarlett.


Get a feel of Conifers school life, come and see us on a normal school day

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