A leading day school in Midhurst for 2~13 year olds


Conifers School Governance

Quo Vadis and its Directors are the proprietors of the school. They meet regularly with the Headteacher to provide oversight, support, and to ensure the proper functioning of the school as well as the successful execution of the School Development Plan. The day-to-day management of the school is undertaken by the Headteacher and the Senior LeadershipTeam (SLT).

* Highest level of safeguarding

* Strategic direction

* School improvement

* Accreditation and Inspection

* Financial Planning

* Resourcing

* Policy development

* Facility maintenance

* Independent panel members at hearings, such as for complaints or disciplinary matters

* Excellent performance management to enhance teaching and learning

* Compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements

* Community development

* High standards of professionalism and quality assurance systems