The overarching aim for the Coniferteers programme is to provide a variety of opportunities for our children to enrich their time at Conifers School. The extended curriculum will help develop confidence, communication skills, self-esteem and friendship groups in an environment that is safe but challenging.

The key features of the Coniferteers programme are the weekly adventure club, the night camps and the holiday activity camps. The goal is to have at least one night camp per term and activity camps running within selected school holidays.

All night and activity camps are run by qualified teachers and adhere to all county requirements regarding safety, ratios, insurance and safeguarding.

Key adventure club benefits:

  • Children learn skills required to live within a natural setting (fire safety, firelighting, open fire cooking, wood whittling, safe knife usage, shelter building, problem solving and teamwork).
  • Children develop their skills and confidence in preparation for future night camps.
  • Children develop a respectful attitude towards our natural resources.

Key night camp benefits:

  • Children will gain confidence and be more willing to attend longer residential stays later in the year.
  • Children who might board in future schools will have the confidence to do so.
  • Children can mix with other age groups and develop interpersonal skills.
  • Parents can have a well-earned night off!

Key activity camp benefits:

  • Children can take part in a wide range of sport, drama, outdoor adventure, art and design and cookery activities that extend the school day in an alternative setting.
  • Pupils can meet children from other schools who may be going to the same school in the future and develop friendships that help them transition to this new setting.
  • Children can spend time with friends, cousins and younger siblings in an organised, safe and enjoyable environment.
  • Extended day care can be provided to working parents.