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A Day In The Life At Conifers

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At Conifers School, a typical day is full of fun, as well as being carefully designed to maximise their potential. Our academic curriculum is tailored to challenge each child appropriately, with plenty of opportunities to personalise their experience depending on their individual interests. Our commitment to nurturing the potential of each individual child, alongside encouraging a genuine love for learning, is at the heart of our approach. Let’s take a look.

The Start Of The Day

Busy working parents that need childcare to accommodate their jobs know how stressful the start of the day can be. Our Breakfast Club runs between 8 am and 8.30 am, and means that working parents know their children are safe, well looked after, and happy before and after school starts. Children can arrive before school and have a light breakfast, so they feel nourished and ready for their day.

Some children arrive by our dedicated Conifers School Bus Service, which serves as far as Hindhead to the north, Chichester to the south, and across to Liphook in the west.

The School Day

The school day starts at 8.30, when all pupils head to their classrooms. Whichever stage children are in, they receive teaching from a diverse curriculum – starting to prepare them for the challenges of the entrance exams for their next school.

What We’re Learning

From our Pre-prep School to Early Years, our teachers are adept at understanding their pupils, ensuring each child receives a tailored education that suits their learning style. This means that where children need a little extra support, or if they’ve excelled in a particular area, teachers will ensure they remain engaged – children won’t fall behind or become bored.

Conifers School promotes a well-rounded education with art, music, ICT, and design technology as integral parts of our weekly timetable. Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Citizenship Education (PSHE) is embedded in school life and taught by form tutors. There may be PSHE oriented assemblies, to spark conversation between children and teachers, and to further their personal growth and understanding of the world.

We take great pride in our modern foreign languages program, teaching Spanish, French, and Mandarin up to Common Entrance level. Core subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, and Humanities are taught by both form teachers and subject specialists, with additional guest speakers and activities integrated to enrich learning where they are appropriate.

Our extensive coaching programs allow children to enjoy a wide range of sports. They receive detailed training and skill development that allows them to perform in house matches and fixtures with local schools Many of our children secure places in their preferred sport’s first teams – a cause for celebration!

Where We’re Learning

Children head to classrooms for much of their teaching, but there are dedicated facilities for certain subjects. As you’d expect, our music rooms, e-learning centre, art studio, and sports facilities are all fully equipped for children to make the most of, and classes move around the school according to their timetable.

Outdoor learning is important to the experience of our children, and they spend a minimum of one afternoon per week in lessons outside their classrooms. We have an accredited Forest School, where any subject can be taught, when the weather permits. Not only that, but all children enjoy an afternoon every week working outdoors, either on their class allotments, or visiting farm animals in the Upper Paddock with Farmer Paul, to help them understand where their food comes from, and to instil a sense of responsibility for the environment.

Who We’re Learning With

Conifers is a tight knit school, with around 100 children in attendance currently. That makes for a comfortable, nurturing atmosphere that allows us to personalise teaching as appropriate.

Pre-Prep years (age 3-5) focus on building confidence and progressing in various areas. Students are encouraged to develop skills, to ask questions, and to explore, both inside and outside the classroom.

As children progress to Prep School (Year 3 onwards), we focus on preparing them for the next steps in their educational journey. Our small class sizes, subject specialist teaching, and a wide range of academic opportunities ensure students thrive and exceed their academic expectations.

While children are taught in their appropriate year groups, children are also assigned to one of four Houses, and each half term, there are house meetings to encourage a sense of belonging. When they perform well, or behave in a way that deserves reward, House points are awarded, to promote community and to inspire good deeds. These House points contribute towards the in-school competition, which is fierce!

After School Fun

Children can stay after school until 6 pm to complete their homework, or to take part in after school clubs. These are centred around sports, performing arts, or intellectual societies, and programmes are available throughout the school terms. They don’t have to partake in additional activities though; children can simply play, rest, or have a snack in our home from home environment before being collected by their parents.

A day in the life of a child at Conifers School is an enriching journey filled with academic challenges, outdoor adventures, and a diverse array of co-curricular activities. Our holistic approach to education sets students on a path of success, preparing them for their future endeavours with confidence and competence.

Want to find out more details about a day at Conifers, our co-curricular offerings, or something else entirely? Get in touch to arrange a call or a personal tour, or pop along to our Open Events

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