A leading day school in Midhurst for 2~13 year olds


The Art Studio is a constant hive of activity, energy and colour.

Art is an important part of life at Conifers from the Nursery to Year 8. 

The Art room is a constant hive of activity, whether it be a timetabled art lesson, a co-curricular art, design or sculpture club, or an individual scholarship preparation session; the room is a vibrant sensation energy and colour. ​

Pupils are encouraged to express themselves and work collaboratively and independently in both stand alone and cross curricular projects.  A wide variety of creative techniques and media all form part of a carefully structured syllabus. These include:

  • fine art
  • sketching
  • charcoal work
  • ink painting
  • acrylic painting
  • water colour painting
  • screen printing
  • 3D modelling
  • lino printing
  • clay work

Art based clubs also include:

  • photography
  • fashion design
  • sculpture
  • textiles

We are proud to display our children’s work around the school as well as at festivals and in local and national competitions.  

Creativity and imagination

“Art is not just paint on paper it ranges from two to three dimensions, one colour or many, and can be enjoyed in a range of media.”

Art Teacher