A leading day school in Midhurst for 2~13 year olds

The skills and knowledge gained throughout their time at Conifers ensure the children move forward with confidence, awareness and ability in an ever changing digital world.

Conifers Parent


Our ICT curriculum develops and prepares children for life in a digital world.

Pupils at Conifers School follow the Purple Mash framework for computing. Each year group engages with a bespoke scheme of work that challenges the respective age range in a variety of topic areas. Coding, spreadsheets, databases, email, internet safety, music, word processing, typing and presenting are developed throughout their time spent in school.

Pre-prep children work primarily on internet safety, animating storybooks, creating pictures, making music and simple spreadsheets. Typing and safe researching are incorporated within their curriculum time to further develop these fundamental skills.

From Year 3, the curriculum reinforces online safety with email safety, ensuring pupils are fully aware of their role as responsible online practitioners. A progression to touch typing is initiated and the use of google slides within their school work allow this skill to develop quickly. Use of spreadsheets throughout a two year period reinforces the practical use of a work based skill and leads nicely into more complicated work as pupils enter Year 5.

From Year 5, pupils delve into the more complex world of online safety whilst strengthening their online knowledge through projects and activities. Coding, game creation, blogging and 3D modelling make up the core of the programme for this age range. Pupils are expected to utilise Google docs, slides and sheets to prepare work across their subject area. 

As pupils progress through the Prep school they develop their coding skills further through App creation; following a short online course before coding a functional app. Pupils then have the opportunity to research modern Stop Motion techniques whilst developing their skills on weekly projects. Further coding development occurs through the Apple Swift coding programme where pupils follow the three tiered course through a range of increasingly intricate levels; improving personal coding ability alongside lateral problem solving skills. 

In addition to the designated time within the curriculum, pupils have access to enrichment clubs that support the keen and / or highly motivated pupils in an area of interest. Stopmotion club offers the opportunity to work on personalised projects; Pupil Post encourages collaborative, journalistic writing using Google docs and Coding Club allows pupils the freedom to explore areas of interest in a range of coding disciplines.