Friends and old coniferians

The ‘Friends’ project embraces present and past parents and families, Old Coniferians and other close friends of the School. Its purpose is to establish a communication link between ‘Friends’ and the School in order to keep them in touch with developments and also to act as a contact point for ‘Friends’ themselves.

As you will see, we have already started an archive of Conifers photos that we hope you will enjoy. We are particularly keen to build extensively on this and so would be very grateful for any additional photos, letters, papers and other memorabilia that you feel might be of interest (and which will be returned).

Additionally, and in the interests of establishing contact with as many people as possible, we would be delighted to receive the details of any people you might know who are Old Coniferians or potential ‘Friends’ who have been close to the School.

We trust that you will find this an interesting exercise and do hope that we can count on your support.