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EARLY YEARS (Little Conifers Pre-School and Reception)

Pupils begin their learning journey with Conifers in the Early Years.

Children often begin their journey in our Pre-School, from 2 years old, before moving into Reception Class. The Little Conifers Pre-School is a safe, friendly and positive place of learning where the excellent team provide a constructive and vibrant environment for all pupils, offering a wonderful start to their school life. At Conifers School, we believe in providing a strong foundation for every child’s educational journey. Our Pre-School and Reception Class offer a nurturing and stimulating environment that sparks curiosity, encourages creativity, and cultivates a love for learning.

Little Conifers Pre-School

The Pre-School building opens out on to our newly refurbished outdoor play area. This area has climbing equipment and balance bikes to develop the pupils gross motor skills, as well as a range of sensory play and role play activities.  In order to extend their outdoor learning further, all pupils visit our school field and woodland weekly for forest and farming adventures.  The pupils spend a lot of time exploring the wonderous outside world, so wellies and waterproofs are essential! Children from Pre-School onwards also enjoy specialist lessons for music, Spanish and PE.


Our Reception Class is the gateway to formal education at Conifers School. Here, children aged 4 to 5 years embark on an exciting journey of learning and discovery. Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on phonics and mathematics, providing children with a solid foundation in these essential subjects. Through interactive and engaging lessons, we ensure that children develop strong literacy and numeracy skills, preparing them for future academic success. In Reception, the children also become part of the wider school community when joining our house system. This provides the opportunity to take part in house activities and competitions.

In addition to the core curriculum, our Reception Class students benefit from a range of specialist lessons. We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals, and these lessons provide opportunities for exploration and growth in various areas. Our dedicated specialists teach subjects such as music, physical education, art, and languages, allowing children to discover and develop their unique talents and interests. We foster a warm and inclusive community where children feel valued, respected, and encouraged to reach their full potential.

We believe that positive home-school links are fundamental to a pupil’s success in their learning journey.  We use Tapestry to communicate each pupil’s learning daily and encourage our families to be involved in this learning process by sharing events from home, which can be celebrated. The Early Years team are always happy to discuss your child’s progress or to offer advice and support about a pupil’s development. We also understand the importance of a seamless transition into school life, and our experienced teachers and staff are dedicated to ensuring that each child feels supported and nurtured. We work closely with parents to create a strong partnership, fostering open lines of communication and collaboration to best meet the needs of each child.



At Conifers, all Early Years pupils enjoy an enriched curriculum which includes forest adventures, farming, PE, and music with specialist teachers. The wide range of activities offered enables pupils to discover and nurture their own individual passion from a young age.