Oct 15 2021


9:00 am - 10:00 am

Whole School Photo

Our whole school photograph will take place next Friday 15th October and we would like pupils to look as smart as possible.  Please could we ask that all pupils wear their winter school uniform:
Form I – Form VIII
Girls:   Pinafore or kilt, green shirt, cardigan, green tights/socks and blazer (Form III +)
Boys:  Grey shorts, Conifers grey socks, school shirt, tank top or jumper and blazer (Form III +)
Early Years:  (Toddlers – Reception)
Girls:  Pinafore, Conifers polo shirt, cardigan, green socks or tights
Boys:  Grey shorts, Conifers grey socks, green polo shirt, tank top or jumper
If your child does not have the correct uniform, please do not worry as we have plenty of stock in the Uniform Shop.
For Early Years children who do not attend on a Friday, we would like to invite you to be included in the photo. If you would like your child to be included please can you accompany them to the school field at 9am with them wearing the uniform as above. You will need to stay with your child and they will remain your responsibility for the duration of the photoshoot.

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