FEE STRUCTURE  commencing September 2019
Toddler, Nursery and Kindergarten

(fees are payable termly, in advance)

Per session

Morning (8.45am – 12.15pm) £20.00
Morning + lunch (8.45am – 13.00pm)   £29.50 
Afternoon + lunch (12.00pm – 15.30pm) £25.50 
Full day including free lunch (8.45am – 15.30pm) £40.00

Basic fees are charged as per the WSCC Free Entitlement rate. In addition Conifers charges a small fee for a selection of activities with specialist teachers, such as PE, Forest School, Music, Cookery and Dance. These activities form part of our enriched curriculum and result in the full fee as detailed above.

Pupils not eligible for WSCC Free Entitlement are charged at the full rate above.

Pupils that are eligible for the WSCC Free Entitlement are able to use this entitlement to pay for the basic charge; Conifers applies for this on your behalf. Parents will be invoiced for the additional activites fee over and above the 15 hour entitlement and for any further hours in full.

Conifers also accepts pupils eligible for the 30 hours free entitlement and 2 year old entitlement; parents / guardians need to present their eligibility code at the time of registration.  This is reviewed by the government every three months.


Pre- Prep - fees per term

Reception  £2,450.00

Forms I & II  £2,865.00


Prep - fees per term

Form III & IV*  £3,050.00

Forms V-VIII* £3,250.00


Plus stationery & consumables for all classes - £35.00

Advance Payment of Fees Scheme, subscription to which qualifies parents to a 1.5% rebate on the basic term fees (excluding extras) for as long as they remain subscribers. The principle of the scheme is that all sums received in advance are set against future school fees. The minimum sum to qualify is £7,500, payable before the start of any full school term, with any additions to this amount in multiples of £5,000. The rebate will apply against the immediate next term's fees.

"From the first parent’s evening at her new school, the teachers all remarked on how impressed they were at our daughter’s class participation, asking thoughtful questions and contributing intelligently and confidently to class discussions."