Drop-off and collection

Dropping your children to school

Early Years – The Early Years gate opens at 8.40am and parents take their children directly to their classrooms where their teachers will be waiting.

Forms I to VIII – Children should be dropped at the side entrance of the school at 8.35am. Children are encouraged to come in to school independently and make their way to their classrooms. Teachers are available should a parent need to relay information related directly to the forthcoming day. Form teachers are available at the end of the school day should a longer discussion be required.

Speedy drop off – Pupils in Form II and above may be dropped at the school gate provided there is a member of staff on duty and it is safe to do so.

Collecting your children from school

Early Years – if your child is being collected either before or after lunch, collection is from the child’s classroom. If collection is at 3.30pm, the class teachers will escort the children to the school gate and hand over to the collecting adult.

Forms I –VIII, collection is at the school gate where a member of staff will supervise departure. Only a parent or a designated adult may collect children. IF persons unfamiliar are collecting a child the school must be advised in advance. A password system is in place to ensure only authorised persons collect our pupils.

Departure times are as follows:

  • Early Years – Form II – 3.30pm
  • Forms III and IV – 4.00pm
  • Forms V – VIII – 4.30pm
  • Pupils staying to clubs and activities – 5.15pm