The pastoral structure

Form teachers

Form teachers play a key role in the childrens' welfare and are the initial link between home and school. Each form from Form I up consists of the teacher, a form captain, and a school council member. Strong peer support comes from the children in Form VI who take on roles of responsibility and spend time with the younger children at break times. Children and staff work in partnership within the houses.

The house

All children from across the year groups are assigned to one of the four houses, and house meetings take place regularly. The focus for the meetings is to raise money for a charity as well as supporting inter-house sporting, musical and themed days.

The Headmistress

The Headmistress is the key person in ensuring that each pupil’s work and conduct meets the high standards expected. She liaises with staff, pupils and parents about children’s academic and pastoral welfare. Whole school issues and the welfare of the children are discussed at weekly staff meetings.

The Headmistress has overall pastoral responsibility and liaises with the school council. These meetings take place weekly. All teachers and support staff work closely together, so the needs of the pupils, whether academic, social or pastoral, are speedily evaluated and appropriate measures taken. The Headmistress has responsibility for child protection.