Scholarships are awarded to pupils in Form III and above who excel in particular areas of school life and meet the criteria detailed below. If a scholarship is awarded, there is a percentage reduction in the termly fee. Scholars are role models for pupils within the school and will need to maintain a high level of achievement to retain their scholarship.


Pupils will sit short tests in Mathematics, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.
Scholarships will be awarded if pupils are working at a high level for their age or if they show creativity and originality in their work.

  • Single subject Award - 10% fee reduction

  • All-rounder Award  - 20% fee reduction

Performing Arts

Pupils should be able to perform at the following level on their first instrument/voice: Form III (Grade 1), Form IV (Grade  2–3), Form V (Grade 3–4), Form VI (Grade 4–5).

A fluency in reading music will be expected and aural tests will be given.

Pupils need to show enthusiasm in music and a willingness to commit to music ensembles and choirs.

Music scholars must be prepared to take music theory exams and attend theory clubs provided by the music department.


  • Accomplished in two instruments/disciplines 10% fee reduction

  • Accomplished in three instruments/disciplines - 20% fee reduction

  • Exhibition – showing promise in one or more disciplines - £600 per annum to cover fees of additional lessons


Pupils must select and combine advanced skills and techniques across selected sports – they must be able to adapt their skills to a high level to meet and exceed the demands of the activity.

Pupils must consistently show precision, control, fluency and originality – they must be able to analyse and comment on their own and fellow pupils’ performances and contribute to plans for improvement.

Pupils are expected to understand set rules and tactics, and show proficiency and flair in their performance with the intent to achieve county standard in the future.

  • Scholar in one sport - 10% fee reduction

  • All-rounder - 20% fee reduction


Bursaries are a percentage reduction in school fees awarded to families that are experiencing financial difficulty. They are rigorously means-tested and reviewed annually. If a family is awarded a bursary and their financial position changes, the school expects them to make adjustments and return to paying full fees as soon as possible.